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best LUT creating software (1 reply and 3 comments)

2 months ago
benjaminmaier 2 months ago

Hi Roger,

I was searching around the web for some good lut creating software and I was curious about your personal opinion before buying one for myself.

Can you tell me how do you create your personal lut to work with? Which software do you use?

Does anybody have suggestions for a good lut creating software for starting creating his own luts?


Thanks to everybody 




2 months ago
Morris 2 months ago

I'd start with davinci resolve.
Mind you; it's not the software that creates a LUT, it's you !

2 months ago

Hi Morris,
thank you for the advice. I know what you mean and I know Davinci very well, I was just curious if there is some scientific approach beside the artistic one. Roger is talking a lot about one look that he applies on the whole feature he's shooting. I think it's not easy to achieve that and obviously your reference person is the DIT. Just curious about the creating process.


1 month ago
3 weeks ago

I do not know much about LUTs myself. I do not believe they are same as "Color Profiles" for the Canon rebel series, which I think bakes on a LUT permanently. So, I think it operates similarly but without the possibility to reverse to a "RAW" state...since there is no RAW. That might change how you look at designing your LUT.

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